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Welcome to Girls 'N' Motors if you are a girl modder and love african grey parrots take the modified car scene seriously then you are in the right place. Our aim is to give us girls a voice, and recognition, in a typically male dominated scene. The majority of our members are based from all over the UK, but we do have members from all around the globe, check the online visitor map to give you a good idea where from, EVERYONE is welcome to the site no matter who they are or where they are.

The modified car scene is a fantastic place to be, one big happy family united in one interest. Contrary to what you see and hear about in the media, owning and modding your own car does not make you a 'barry boy' or a chav, yes there is a minority of people that fall into this niche, but not all football fans that go to a football match are hooligans are they ?

So if you are a female and know your way around your car from your big end to your performance exhaust system, then come join the Girlsnmotors community, share your knowledge, experience and of course your car with all the other girls and boys that are part of the site.

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Star Modified Car Of The Month Modified Pink Ford StreetKa 1.6 12v complete with the following modifications; K&N induction kit, Eibach lowering springs, Clear headlamps, Clear side repeaters, Only StreetKa with stoffler side skirts in the uk, Full respray in baby pink ... more >>>">Kaplaybunny's Pink Ford StreetKa


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Meet the staff behind girlsnmotors
Meet the Girlsnmotors staff

So if you have a serious interest in modified cars particularly if you are a female (though males are welcome of course) then you have found the right place to be. To be a part of our community you don't need to have a seriously modified car or even a car that has been modified at all, here you will find information on all aspects of the scene from making your first modifications to where to show off you work at the latest UK car shows to all the information you will ever need to making that vital first step into the car scene.

Make sure you have a good look around the site, see all the car shows and events we have attended as a club, see the members and people behind the sight, check out the car modifying section to see how all the mods are done and come meet the friendly Girls 'N' Motors members and team in the modified car forum where you can thrash out ideas with other like minded people on the net. If you have a question then come into the forum and ask away, someone is bound to be able to help.

Also our other site is about african grey parrots which is what we do at the African Grey Parrot Centre as you might imagine, from breeding, feeding, rearing or just plain caring for your African grey parrot be sure to use the site to help you with any information you need.

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